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Kampala City Tour



Kampala is the capital city of Uganda which sits over numerous hills (7 major hills to be exact). This where it derived its name from i.e., “Kasozi K’impala” loosely translating to “the hills of Antelopes.” The city grew at the realm of the king of Buganda kingdom (the Kabaka). Uganda’s bustling capital is by far its largest urban center, with a population of over 1.5 million. The fast-growing city has a distinctive setting on a series of prominent hills near Lake Victoria. Although Kampala has long outgrown its historical tile of City of Seven Hills, the original summits remain focal points, topped by distinctive landmarks of cultural, religious and colonial significance.

Nakasero Hill provides visitors with striking contrasts on either side of Kampala Road, the main thoroughfare. Uphill, modern and colonial buildings, many occupied by quality restaurants and hotels, line the green and leafy avenues. Downhill, congested streets descend to colorful markets, chaotic bus parks and gridlock of vehicles, boda bodas (moped taxis) and pedestrians.
Kampala is a safe city to explore and the landmark hills can be visited with just a map and a guidebook. Alternatively, further insights into urban life will result from guided walking or boda-boda tour, or a comfortable excursion aboard the double-decker Kampala sightseeing Bus.

A number of historical sites in and around Kampala relate to a time of dramatic change in the late 19th century when the Baganda encountered Islamic traders and British colonialists and missionaries. Several stand on the city’s original seven hills. They include the Protestant Cathedral at Namirembe, the Catholic Cathedral at Rubaga, Fort Lugard in Old Kampala and the Kabaka’s Palace at Lubiri. Further afield are the Kasubi and Wamala Tombs, Katereke Prison Ditch, Naggalabi Coronation Site and the Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine. These locations were pivotal locations during a rumbustious period of Uganda history.
Contemporary culture comes to life at Kampala’s Ndere center, which has a colorful programme of music and dance displays.



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